Stacey Escalante

Founder / CEO

Escalante Media Management

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Stacey Escalante is the founder and CEO of Escalante Media Management, a boutique public relations firm.  She also consults for corporations supplementing their public relations divisions, assisting with media training, & emceeing special events.  Escalante’s former and current client list includes MGM Resorts International, Dignity Health (St. Rose Hospitals), Safe Nest, Desert Perinatal Associates, Troy Watson M.D. (Desert Orthopaedic Center), Real Results Fitness, Downtown Runners, and Facebook for Parents author, Linda Fogg Phillips. She is on the planning committee for the MGM Resorts International Women’s Leadership Conference.


Stacey graduated from UCLA.  She spent over two decades in broadcast journalism. She spent 10 years as a reporter at KVBC-TV (NBC Las Vegas) and has lived in Southern Nevada since 1997.


As a Stage 3 melanoma survivor, Stacey is on a mission to save lives by educating others about skin cancer. She travels to Washington D.C. annually to lobby on behalf of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN). She volunteers as media chair for ACSCAN.  When the Nevada Legislature is in session she promotes the importance of keeping cancer in the spotlight. In 2013, her testimony was pivotal in passing Senate Bill 267 which prohibits anyone under 18 from using tanning beds.


In July 2014, she was invited by the U.S. Acting Surgeon General to participate in a call to action focused on skin cancer prevention and education.  Stacey shared her survivor story at The National Press Club and her story was featured on NBC Nightly News, on NBC affiliates around the country, on the Associated Press wire, and in hundreds of newspapers across the United States from Alaska to Florida, and in both Europe and Asia.


An inspired speaker & author, Stacey’s passion and informed perspective make her a sought-after lecturer on health and wellness, oncology from a patient’s viewpoint, & prevention & education at medical conferences.  She also teaches breakout sessions on how to develop relationships with the media & delivering a clear message.


Stacey believes her most important job is raising her two kids Will & Gabriella. Stacey loves to run. She has completed seven marathons, several RAGNAR relays, & the ultra RAGNAR trail series in Zion, Utah.


Steven A. Adelman, Attorney

Adelman Law Group, PLLC

Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)




Attorney and venue safety expert Steven A. Adelman gives you a simple formula to distinguish reasonable from unreasonable risks, and then works a hypothetical scenario to help you manage your own property's issues. 

Sports and entertainment lawyer Steven A. Adelman is the head of Adelman Law Group, PLLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His practice focuses on risk management and litigation regarding safety and security at live events, and he also serves as an expert witness in crowd-related lawsuits. 


Steve Adelman is widely recognized as an authority on the law related to live events and public accommodations.  He teaches "Risk Management in Venues," a graduate seminar offered jointly through Arizona State University's law and business schools; he is a long-time instructor for the International Association of Venue Managers' Academy for Venue Safety & Security; he is Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance; and he writes the monthly "Adelman on Venues" newsletter. 


As a result of his unique combination of legal experience and immersion in the event and venue industries, Steve Adelman frequently appears in national and local media to provide analysis of sports and entertainment incidents.  Steve Adelman graduated from Boston College Law School in 1994 and began practicing in Arizona in 1997.  He can be reached at sadelman@adelmanlawgroup.com.

Professor Mark A. Bellis, OBE

Bangor University and Public Health






The foundations of modern nightlife go back thousands of years to when people first abandoned nomadic lives to build and live in cities.  Since then, countless cultures have added their own innovations and regulations in attempts to balance safety and security with excitement and anonymity. Looking back at how nightlife developed over the past 10,000 years, we can learn from history ’s successes and failures and develop a greater insight into the challenges posed by nightlife today.

Professor Mark Bellis is director of research for Public Health Wales, chair of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention (UK) and national lead for alcohol-related issues for the United Kingdom Faculty of Public Health.


Mark has undertaken substantive work in the field of violence prevention, alcohol, drugs and sexual health. He has published over 150 academic papers and more than 200 applied public health reports. He regularly works on the development of public health policy at local, national and international levels, working with the European Public Health Association, WHO and other UN organisations.


Professor Bellis is the UK Focal Point to the WHO for Violence and Injury Prevention, an expert advisor to the UK Home Office, academic advisor to Public Health England and a member of the WHO global expert advisory panel on violence prevention. As well as contemporary health and safety issues


Mark has a long-standing interest in the history of nightlife - how over 10,000 years different  civilizations have added the features of night time environments now seen in town and city centres around the world and how historic cultures have faced surprisingly similar nightlife problems to the ones we face today.

Adam B. Coughran

Master Police Officer

Garden Grove Police Department Garden Grove, California (USA)



Workplace violence is on the rise across the country in every profession.  Often times violence in the workplace can be prevented long before it ever begins.  This session will provide indicators, detection and prevention methods for an enhanced understanding of the concepts and principles behind workplace violence.

Adam B. Coughran is a member of Southern California law enforcement currently assigned to tourism and resort policing, where he works closely with corporate hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets.  In addition, Adam serves as a Terrorism Liaison Officer addressing the concerns of terrorism in and around Southern California tourist attractions and other potential terrorist targets. 


He is the 2014 President of the California Tourism Safety and Security Association in addition to being a Certified Tourism Ambassador.  Adam has spoken at tourism safety conferences in both California and Nevada on a number of training topics relating to the hospitality industry and law enforcement.  Adam is also a member of the Anaheim/Orange County Crime Alert Network where he has instructed on a variety of resort related training and facilitated meetings. 


Outside of tourism and resort concerns, Adam instructs at various law enforcement academies and training centers, in addition to local universities and private businesses in a wide array of topics including community oriented policing, government and private sector partnerships, leadership, ethics, and team development. 


Additionally, Adam is an active shooter and survivability instructor for the ALICE Training Institute.  Adam possesses a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership, a Graduate Certificate in the Administration and Leadership of Criminal Justice Organizations, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Chapman University.  


Adam serves on several association boards in both the public and private sector, and is an active member of the International Tourism Safety Association, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, California Tourism Safety and Security Association, as well as the California Association of Labor Relations Officers.

Robert H. DuVall, Captain

Financial Crimes Bureau

Las Vegas Metropolitan

Police Department

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)



Changing demographics of Las Vegas tourism requires us to alter the way we police and secure the Las Vegas Strip. Many might call it a demand for change, others might say it is an evolution of how we do things. It could be both.

Robert has been a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for over 30 years. He has experience in patrol, vice, auto theft, intelligence, financial crimes, internal affairs, robbery, sexual assault and tourism crimes.

In 1999, Robert led a squad working on a series of armored car robberies on the Las Vegas Strip. These violent crimes happened at some of Las Vegas’ most famous resorts. The team ultimately solved the crimes in a case that brought the department national attention, which is chronicled in the book, Storming Las Vegas.

Robert has authored a comprehensive strategic plan for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to increase tourist safety through a plan known as Tourist-Based Policing. The review has led to Robert being asked to reorganize the entire police department to include a tourist safety bureau and/or division. The reorganization report was finished in May of 2014 and the LVMPD has begun to implement many of the recommendations.

Scott R. Lillibridge, M.D.

Texas A & M University

School of Public Health

College Station, Texas (USA)



Dr. Lillibridge will  review health threats associated with global travel, what types of health risks are associated with global travel and how are they mitigated. He will highlight the intersection between health and security in terms of risks for corporate and individual clients. Such issues include disease outbreaks, diminished public health infrastructure and ongoing conflict.  His presentation concludes by highlighting common approaches to improving the health security for corporate and individual clients, business travelers and tourists.  

Dr. Scott R. Lillibridge is a Professor of Epidemiology at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School Public Health and serves as the Deputy Principal Investigator for the Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM). This university Center is a 286 million dollar enterprise, which integrates academia, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the private pharmaceutical sector to develop vaccines and medical therapeutics for dangerous infectious diseases.   


During his federal career with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Dr Lillibridge served as Special Assistant to the DHHS Secretary for National Security and Emergency Management.  He was also the founding Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program. A program that was designed to develop critical public health infrastructure related to surveillance, laboratory detection, and infection control for the CDC and health departments.


Dr. Lillibridge received his B.S. in Environmental Health at East Tennessee State University in 1977 and a Medical Doctorate from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland in 1981.  In 1984, he completed specialty training at Baylor College of Medicine in Family Medicine and completed advanced epidemiology training with the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) in 1992.



Contact Information

Scott R. Lillibridge, M.D


713 825 2130

Tamara D. Madensen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Director, Crowd Management Research Council

Department of Criminal Justice - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA




Large celebratory events in tourist locations can pose significant safety and security challenges. Dr. Madensen will explain the conditions that make violence and disorder more likely to occur at such events. She also will describe the tactics used to manage crowds and secure the Las Vegas Strip on New Year’s Eve. This case study will illustrate how crowd dynamics can be controlled using a systematic and structured approach to eliminating environmental risk factors.



Dr. Tamara Madensen is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Graduate Director at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). She received her Ph.D. with a special emphasis in Crime Prevention from the University of Cincinnati. She is the Director of UNLV’s Crowd Management Research Council, and her research focuses on crowd dynamics that influence violence. Dr. Madensen has authored two research monographs on crowd violence published by the U.S. Department of Justice. Her book, Preventing Crowd Violence, has been translated into two foreign languages.


She provides crowd management research, evaluation, and training for police agencies and private industries.



Perhaps no nation in the world has had to face the issue of tourism safety as much as Israel has. Israel has become a leader in tourism security and safety and stands as a symbol for the tourism industry as to what to do. This lecture will examine how Israel keeps its tourist and visitors safe despite the region’s many challenges.

Professor Yoel Mansfeld, Ph.D.

Head, Center for Tourism, Pilgrimage & Recreation Research and Head, M.A. Program on Tourism, Planning & Development

University of Haifa

Haifa, Israel

Dr. Yoel Mansfeld is Associate Professor of tourism studies at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa, Israel. He holds BA and MA (with distinction) from the University of Haifa, Israel and a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE), University of London, UK.  His main areas of academic interests include: tourism, safety and security issues; tourism and crisis management; tourism and sustainability; heritage tourism; community-based tourism; religious tourism; and tourism planning and development.  Between 2005-2008, he acted as the Chair of the Department and since 2001 he has been the Program Leader of the Department’s MA program on “Tourism Planning and Development”.  Dr. Mansfeld is also the founder and the Head of the University of Haifa's Centre for Tourism, Pilgrimage & Recreation Research (CTPRR).


His international academic activities included, so far, participation in more than fifty international conferences worldwide, a one-year position as a visiting professor in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Central Florida – USA, a position as a visiting academic researcher at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Waikato, New Zealand, and at the Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna, Italy (Rimini Campus).   In his capacity as the Head and a Senior Researcher at the CTPRR, he has conducted numerous studies on tourism, terrorism and security issues including a recent one on travel warnings commissioned by the Israeli Anti-terrorism Bureau of the Israeli National Security Council.


Dr. Mansfeld has published extensively in tourism, planning and management journals and is the co-editor of Tourism, Crime & International Security Issues (JW & Sons); Consumer Behavior in Travel & Tourism (republished also in India and in China) (Haworth Hospitality Press); Tourism, Safety & Security: from Theory to Practice (Elsevier) and a co-author of Christian Tourism to the Holy Land: Pilgrimage during Security Crisis (Ashgate). He also serves on the editorial board of several leading tourism academic journals including Annals of Tourism Research and Journal of Travel Research.

Maximiliano C. Mauvecin

CEO / President

Mauvecin & Company

Cordoba, Argentina

(South America)



Latin America is a large and growing region, a tourist destination and also home to many of the top sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Throughout the region, it confronts different realities where violence is still present. Mr. Mauvecin will discuss how Latin America handles both security and violence, the challenges facing this region and how might these challenges spill over into North America.

Maximiliano C. Mauvecin is a recognized young professional in the tourism industry of South America.


He actually coordinates the South American Tourism Council, called CETUR, integrated by the National Tourism Chambers of every country in the region, being the most important institution from the tourism private sector in South America, recognized by the Organization of American States OAS and by the Union of South American Countries UNASUR.


From 2008 till 2013 he was also the Managing Director from the State Tourism Chamber in the Province of Córdoba - Argentina, the main tourist destination for national tourism in the country, and since then is Adviser of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism.


He is also professor at university level, teaching Tourism Projects Development at the Blas Pascal University from Argentina, and constantly being invited to bring conferences in different countries from Latin America like México, Chili, Ecuador, Uruguay or other countries in Europe like Holland, France and Spain.


Maximiliano speaks five languages, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, being that his main resource that allows him to be successful in his international career, affairs and understanding.


Since 2001 till today he developed his own company Mauvecin & Co., specialized in International Business Development. In 2006-07 he was also Director of the International Relations Department from the Washington University Institute in Toluca – México.


His academic background gives him a wide vision of social reality. He studied Political Sciences and International Relations at the Catholic University of Córdoba - Argentina, Social Sciences at Quilmes National University from Buenos Aires – Argentina, Business Administration at Viña del Mar University in Chili, Projects Development at the Business School of the UES 21 Century University, and lately he studied Public-Private Inter-Sectorial Relationships at the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development INDES from the Inter-American Development Bank IDB in Washington DC, USA.


He is constantly asked to talk about tourism development, tourism policies, international tourism cooperation, tourism connectivity and communications, public and private co-working, sustainable development, inter-sectorial associativity, international trade and also about Non-Governmental Organizations issues.


Since he was 15 years old has been working in different social and community projects. Actually he is the President of Rotary Club Monserrat from District 4815 of Rotary International, and he also works in many other institutions involving culture, education and arts.


Maximiliano is also Board Member of the Argentine Jewish Cultural Institute, promoting the international understanding, the social and cultural exchange and the commitment with social issues in Argentina, mostly about child, health and poverty.


He has been also awarded in different occasions for his professional skills and mainly for his social work and commitment.

Todd E. McGhee

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

Protecting The Homeland

Innovations, LLC

Braintree, Massachusetts (USA)

Tourism Industry Target Hardening using Behavior Recognition


Keeping patrons, employees and property free of liability and criminal acts is a daunting task for any resort and tourism venue and the security professionals within.  The art of detecting and countering potentially illicit behavior lies in recognizing the early warning signals often exhibited by rule breakers, criminals and violent extremists.  Developing human intelligence and deploying behavior recognition methods to a threat continuum will better help identify high frequency/low threat incidents to low frequency/high threat occurrences, ultimately establishing a safer workplace and environment for all.




Mr. Todd McGhee is a highly respected authority in the field of proactive threat mitigation strategies for securing critical infrastructures.  He started his law enforcement career in 1987 and retired from the Massachusetts Department of State Police after serving twenty four successful years in public safety. As part of an elite group, since 9-11 he has used his expertise proactively to combat the threat of terrorism by deterring aggression or attack in high-risk mass transit environments, category X international airports, health care facilities, sport event venues, and maritime operations.  


Today, Mr. McGhee serves as Managing Partner and is a Co-founder of Protecting the Homeland Innovations, LLC training firm (PHI, LLC) where he has authored the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Training System® and the Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone™ (S.A.V.E.™) course curriculums which are approved training courses sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and appear in the DHS/FEMA State Sponsored Course Catalogue positioning his training firm as the only privately held DHS approved course to train behavior analytics methods to federal grant recipient agencies.  Mr. McGhee’s security training firm PHI, LLC has a training cadre of 20 trainers who are all former or active police officers and travel across the country delivering proactive security measures to law enforcement officials and frontline civilian employees. 


Mr. McGhee has held a seat on the Monadnock Police Training Advisory Board since May 2005 and prior to his retirement, he was assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Troop F Headquarters at Logan International Airports Massport Authority as a specially trained officer and lead trainer of their Anti-Terrorism Unit.  Mr. McGhee served as the former Defensive Tactics Coordinator for the Department of State Police, a role he had held since 1998.  Mr. McGhee also consults privately as an expert witness in Use of Force related matters, defending police departments and law enforcement professionals against excessive force claims.


Mr. McGhee’s accomplishments are many and include but are not limited to piloting programs that effectively impact high risk behavior as well as tactical methodology.  Due to his outstanding groundbreaking work, he has been featured in Time Magazine as a member of Logan Airport Homeland Security detail where he has served as one the lead trainers of the State Police Anti-Terrorism Unit.  In acknowledgement of his pioneering work, he has also been featured on ABC Nightline in a segment titled “Deceit Detectives,” which demonstrated Logan Airport as the safest airport in the United States.  In the start of his second career he has made several appearances on Fox 25 News as a commentator, providing insight on domestic terrorist related case studies.


Throughout his years of experience, he has trained in twenty five recruit academies and has the privilege to train thousands of frontline civilian employees and public safety professionals at the federal, state, and local level from hundreds of agencies including Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Air Marshals Service, USSS, Homeland Security Customs and Immigration, CIA, Naval Intelligence Agency, TSA, and NYPD Counter-Terrorism Division to name a few.  


As a highly dedicated and ambitious professional, he thrives on imparting his knowledge and expertise as a trainer/instructor and is committed to helping lessen the dangers of potentially hazardous or life-threatening situations.  To that end, he works closely with governmental agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels of jurisdiction. Trained in various crisis situations, he has received countless certifications, which include:


  • Louisiana State University Weapons of Mass Destruction Law Enforcement Response Instructor

  • Federal Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms School for Bomb Detection and Collection of Evidence

  • Monadnock PR24, Expandable Baton, and MDTS International Trainer

  • Certification as an MP5 Machine Gun Operator

  • Former trainer and member of the Massachusetts State Police Anti-Terrorism Unit

  • FBI Instructor Development, NESPAC Drill Instructor

  • MCJTC Firearms Instructor, Certified MSP PT Instructor

  • Cooper School of Aerobics PT Instructor. 


Mr. McGhee earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College in Massachusetts. As a sought after professional, his experience in planning, implementing, training and executing highly effective tactical training programs has made him an invaluable pacesetter with a remarkable talent for achieving extraordinary results.

Gwendolyn L. Pascoe

Director, Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)



Participants will receive an overview of the human trafficking problem around the world, with specific attention given to how and where it is occurring in the United States, the laws used to prosecute traffickers, and the importance of the Tourism Industry’s understanding and response to this crime.

Gwendolyn “Lou” Pascoe has devoted much of her life to public service and safety. As Director for the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, a program of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Lou provides leadership and administration of the Task Force to accomplish its mission to combat all forms of trafficking – sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Lou promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving the mission by engaging local, state, and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations in a collaborative effort.

Lou previously served as a commissioned police officer with the LVMPD from 1984 to 2004, where she rose through the ranks from Patrol Officer to Deputy Chief. Her assignments included Human Resources Division, Patrol Division, Detective Bureau – Sexual Assault, Juvenile, and Missing Persons -, Internal Affairs Bureau, Professional Standards, and Training Bureau. Based on her skillful leadership as a Captain, Lou received “Police Officer of the Year Award” sponsored by the Southern Nevada Optimists. As a Police Commander, Lou was appointed by the late Nevada Governor Kenny Quinn as Commissioner to the Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission. In 2004, then Deputy Chief Pascoe retired from the LVMPD to accept the position of Chief of Police for the Town of Highland Beach, Florida. While Chief of Police, she was recognized for providing excellent leadership during a critical natural disaster - hurricane Jeanne, 2004.

Lou’s law enforcement experience and knowledge is enhanced further by her graduate level academic experience. With a Master of Science in Criminology and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, both from Regis University, Denver, Colorado, Lou recognizes the importance of crime research and policy in developing crime prevention and response strategies. She continues her passion for knowledge and teaching as an Affiliate Faculty with Regis University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate degree courses in Criminology.

Additionally, Lou honorably served her Country as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army from 1977 to 1980.

Thomas Pasquarello

Managing Partner

Global Secure Resources

Boston, Massachusetts, (USA)




Students participating in study abroad programs, cultural exchanges and field trips generate billions of dollars in revenue for the tourism industry.  Although this growth is expected to double in the next five years, government and industry leaders have failed to implement standardized security protocols to ensure the safety of international students studying in the United States as well as American students studying abroad. Discussion will center on vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies.    



Thomas Pasquarello has over 35 years experience in law enforcement, diplomatic relations and global security. Tom served as a Special Agent for 29 years with the US Department of Justice and was assigned to both the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Tom was promoted by the US Attorney General into the Senior Executive Service (SES) and held a variety of critical positions including the agencies liaison to the US Congress.


Tom spent more than a decade overseas in a Diplomatic role and as the Regional Director was responsible for law enforcement operations, personnel and offices covering over 100 countries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. 


Tom, after his retirement, was selected by a national search committee to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Somerville, Mass. Tom’s implementation of cutting edge programs directed at safeguarding the large student population represented in the city, which is central to many of the top universities in the world, resulted in the decline of crime to record levels.


Currently, Tom serves as a Partner with Global Secure Resources (GLOSEC), where he is responsible for security risk mitigation for students and schools and the analytical oversight for the companies Individual Threat Assessment Planning (ITAP) program.


Tom participates in a number of Executive Boards dealing with student safety, including the ClearCause Foundation, where he serves as their global safety and security advisor.   


Tom, who is based in Boston, received his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Masters Degree in Public Administration. Tom is an alumnus of Harvard University, Northeastern University and UMASS/Boston State College.

Anthony J. Raganella

Deputy Inspector

Commanding Officer

Disorder Control Unit

New York City Police Department

223rd Session - FBI NA

New York City, New York (USA)




In this lecture, NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony J. Raganella will discuss how intelligent and professional crowd control can increase visitors’ enjoyment and safety at major events and all they have to offer. The myriad – yet essential – policing considerations that go into achieving this goal will also be highlighted.  


Anthony J. Raganella is a decorated 20-year veteran with the New York City Police Department in the rank of Deputy Inspector. His resume of achievements and professional pursuits exemplifies excellence and demonstrates what true dedication can mean to the safety and security of a large city. Describing himself as a leader that “gets involved,” Anthony has taken everything he does to the next level with a keen eye toward attention to detail and forward progress.


He is currently the Commanding Officer of the Disorder Control Unit, a Citywide Department unit primarily responsible for assessing and ensuring the Department’s training and readiness in crowd management and disorder control operations for civil unrest, as well as major events and emergencies. The Disorder Control Unit is additionally responsible for deployment to large-scale mobilizations, demonstrations/protests, major disorders and other major events, whether planned or unplanned, and provides tactical and logistical support, as well as coordinates the response of the Department’s task forces while assessing and assisting in major event planning and execution of strategic plans. As Commanding Officer of the Disorder Control Unit, Anthony regularly develops policy, as well as evaluates equipment and best practices related to crowd control tactics, theory and technique. He also conducts disorder control presentations to outside law enforcement agencies and visiting dignitaries, both national and international, and is considered a subject matter expert in these areas. Additionally, Anthony was instrumental in planning and coordinating the NYPD’s strategy, training and field operations during New York City’s Occupy Wall Street movement and the recent Eric Garner protests.  


Prior to commanding the Disorder Control Unit, Anthony spent a majority of his career in various ranks within one of the Department’s patrol borough task forces – specialized units within the Department established for the primary purpose of deploying as a rapid mobile first-response unit to mobilizations, emergency incidents, demonstrations, disorders, and planned and unplanned events in a cohesive and disciplined team to provide crowd control and disorder policing. During his career, Anthony has been involved in the policing of over 2,000 demonstrations and major events, as well as the relevant training of tens of thousands of NYPD officers. He has been recognized by numerous officials and organizations, and has amassed in excess of fifty honors and awards for his various efforts and achievements

In relentless pursuit of professional and personal advancement, Anthony has completed his Master Degree in Public Administration, summa cum laude, from Marist College; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science, summa cum laude, from New York Institute of Technology; an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, summa cum laude, from Nassau Community College, as well as being a graduate of the 24th Session of Columbia University’s Police Management Institute, and the 223rd Session of the FBI National Academy.


Additionally, Anthony is the author of several published peer-reviewed journal articles and text book chapter supplements in the field of criminal justice, and has presented the findings of his work at numerous symposiums nationwide.  Anthony is very active in professional associations and alumni groups, and believes in giving back through frequent speaking engagements and mentoring of newer officers. He is also a frequent guest-lecturer at local colleges and criminal justice events.


In addition to his ‘day job’ Anthony co-founded Rising Star Promotions, an educational tutorial service focused on supplementing and supporting studies of officers seeking elevation through promotional exams. He continually develops study material and course curricula while leading recurring courses since 2006. The result has been successfully facilitating thousands of officers’ advancement efforts within the NYPD. Additionally, Anthony is founder and president of NY Blue Line Consulting Group, a company which provides law enforcement training and consulting services nationwide.  


Although Anthony has dedicated his professional life to law enforcement, he hasn’t limited himself to just police work. Anthony is also active in organizing fundraising events to support various causes for his high school alma mater’s alumni association – La Salle Military Academy – where he sits on the Board of Governors.

Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D.

President / CEO

Tourism & More, Inc.

College Station, Texas (USA)




Dr. Tarlow will present an overview of the problems facing tourism in the next year and how they will need to meet current and future tourism security issues. He will analyze the state of tourism, how terrorism is impacting tourism and its connection to such United States issues as the VISA waiver program. Tarlow will also look at the relationship between tourism security and economic security.  Tarlow will provide specific recommendations for tourism security professionals as to what they will need to do to secure their jobs and enhance the safety of their visitors and guests.  


Dr. Peter E. Tarlow is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in the impact of crime and terrorism in the tourism industry, event and tourism risk management, and economic development.  Since 1990, Tarlow has been teaching courses on tourism, crime and terrorism to police forces and security and tourism professionals throughout the world.


Tarlow earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Texas A&M University.  He also holds degrees in history, in Spanish and Hebrew literatures, and in psychotherapy.  In 1996, Tarlow became Hoover Dam's consultant for tourism development and security.  In 1998, Tarlow's role at the Bureau of Reclamation expanded.  He was asked to develop a tourism security program for all Bureau of Reclamation properties and visitor's centers.  In 1999, United States Customs Service asked Tarlow to work with its agents in the area of customer service, cultural awareness, and custom's impact within the tourism and visitor industry. 


In 2000, Tarlow, due to interagency cooperation on the part of the Bureau of Reclamation, helped to prepare security and FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  He also lectured for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.  Tarlow is currently working with police departments of the state of Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup Games and 2016 Olympic games.


Tarlow is a founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. (T&M).  He is a past president of the Texas Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA).  Tarlow is a member of the International Editorial Boards of "Turizam" published in Zagreb, Croatia, "Anatolia: International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research," published in Turkey, "Turismo: Visão e Ação" published in Brazil, and "Estudios y Perspectivas en Turismo," published in Buenos Aires, Argentina.




833-4-IATSSP (833-442-8777)

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