Steven A. Adelman, Attorney

Adelman Law Group, PLLC

Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)


What Makes You Feel Safe?

The duty of public accommodations to deal with one form of intentional bad act (i.e. stalking), ties in surprisingly well with the duty to deal with other arguably foreseeable intentional bad acts, such as terrorism. Both raise important questions about whether the current shiny objects are reasonably foreseeable, or are we collectively desensitized to other intentional bad acts that are much more common, such as theft or assault? In a roundabout way, Attorney Adelman will press the audience to think about their foundational assumptions.  His presentation will also focus around the implications for hotels and the recent $55 million Erin Andrews verdict.


Sports and entertainment lawyer Steven A. Adelman is the head of Adelman Law Group, PLLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His practice focuses on risk management and litigation regarding safety and security at live events, and he also serves as an expert witness in crowd-related lawsuits. 


Steve Adelman is widely recognized as an authority on the law related to live events and public accommodations.  He is a long-time instructor for the International Association of Venue Managers, he is Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance, and he writes the monthly "Adelman on Venues" newsletter. 


As a result of his unique combination of legal experience and immersion in the event and venue industries, Steve Adelman frequently appears in national and local media to provide analysis of sports and entertainment incidents.  Steve Adelman graduated from Boston College Law School in 1994.  He can be reached at sadelman@adelmanlawgroup.com.


Anat Ben Yosef


Western Region USA

Israel Ministry of Tourism



Ms. Ben Yosef's presentation will introduce the Israel Ministry of Tourism and its activities in North America. It will present the methods that the Israel Ministry of Tourism uses in their marketing efforts to promote Israel as a tourism destination, given the current situation and happenings in the tourism world.


Anat Ben Yosef is the Israeli Consul for Tourism, Western Region USA and the director of the Israel Government Tourist Office (Western Region) at the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Her main target is representing the State of Israel and marketing it as a Tourism destination.


Anat's skills and areas of expertise include Marketing and Advertisement, Business Development and of course Tourism. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Science and Communications from the Tel Aviv University (Israel). She also completed a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Marketing and Advertising from Ono Academic College (Israel) and she undertook some additional graduate work in the field of North American Studies at the University of Cologne (Germany).



In May 2012, President Obama appointed Ms. Caitlin A. Durkovich Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection (IP).  In her role, she leads the Department’s efforts to strengthen public-private partnerships and coordinate programs to protect the Nation’s critical infrastructure, assess and mitigate risk, build resilience, and strengthen incident response and recovery.  Previously, she served as the National Protection and Programs Directorate’s Chief of Staff, overseeing day-to-day management of the Directorate, as well as development of internal policy and strategic planning focused on integrating the physical- cyber nexus.  She has more than 16 years of homeland security-related expertise covering a wide range of activities, including continuity of operations (COOP) and business continuity, cybersecurity, pandemic planning, security and policy standards development, strategic management, leadership, institutional transformation, and communications. 

Caitlin A. Durkovich

Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection

National Protection and Programs Directorate

U.S. Department of

Homeland Security


Stacey Escalante

Founder / CEO

Escalante Media Management

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Stacey Escalante is the founder and CEO of Escalante Media Management, a boutique public relations firm.  She also consults for corporations supplementing their public relations divisions, assisting with media training, & emceeing special events.  Escalante’s former and current client list includes MGM Resorts International, Dignity Health (St. Rose Hospitals), Safe Nest, Desert Perinatal Associates, Troy Watson M.D. (Desert Orthopaedic Center), Real Results Fitness, Downtown Runners, and Facebook for Parents author, Linda Fogg Phillips. She is on the planning committee for the MGM Resorts International Women’s Leadership Conference.


Stacey graduated from UCLA.  She spent over two decades in broadcast journalism. She spent 10 years as a reporter at KVBC-TV (NBC Las Vegas) and has lived in Southern Nevada since 1997.


As a Stage 3 melanoma survivor, Stacey is on a mission to save lives by educating others about skin cancer. She travels to Washington D.C. annually to lobby on behalf of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN). She volunteers as media chair for ACSCAN.  When the Nevada Legislature is in session she promotes the importance of keeping cancer in the spotlight. In 2013, her testimony was pivotal in passing Senate Bill 267 which prohibits anyone under 18 from using tanning beds.


In July 2014, she was invited by the U.S. Acting Surgeon General to participate in a call to action focused on skin cancer prevention and education.  Stacey shared her survivor story at The National Press Club and her story was featured on NBC Nightly News, on NBC affiliates around the country, on the Associated Press wire, and in hundreds of newspapers across the United States from Alaska to Florida, and in both Europe and Asia.


An inspired speaker & author, Stacey’s passion and informed perspective make her a sought-after lecturer on health and wellness, oncology from a patient’s viewpoint, & prevention & education at medical conferences.  She also teaches breakout sessions on how to develop relationships with the media & delivering a clear message.


Stacey believes her most important job is raising her two kids Will & Gabriella. Stacey loves to run. She has completed seven marathons, several RAGNAR relays, & the ultra RAGNAR trail series in Zion, Utah.




Carolyn G. Goodman

City of Las Vegas, Nevada

Winning 60 percent of the vote, Carolyn G. Goodman became the mayor of the city of Las Vegas on July 6, 2011. Her husband of 50 years and 12-year, term-limited mayor, Oscar B. Goodman, administered the oath of office. It is the only known instance of a spouse succeeding a spouse as mayor in the United States. The mayor was re-elected to another four-year term in the April 2015 primary.

Among her priorities as mayor, Carolyn has championed improvement in inner-city schools pushing for early learning preschool programs, tutorials for ESL students and their parents, bringing together a coalition of public, private and nonprofits partners to participate in the achievement based and measurable educational initiatives. In a county in which all public education is controlled by an independently elected Board of Trustees and implemented by a superintendent, her role continues to be through the bully pulpit. The mayor helped accomplish the passage of a long-awaited Nevada Film Tax Credit in 2013, which is expected to bring significant new film investment and jobs to Nevada. She has spearheaded efforts to formalize policies for the new food truck industry, curb underage drinking downtown and update related Las Vegas Municipal Code provisions.

She has been a galvanizing force for bringing together the nonprofit social service agencies in southern Nevada to create a collaborative and establish a valid database of 501[c][3]s for donor evaluation. She currently serves on the board of this nonprofit. Carolyn has been an advocate of Las Vegas’ $44.9 billion tourism industry and sits as a board member on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. She also serves on the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) and Las Vegas Events. The mayor also serves on the Blue Ribbon Committee for Clark County Child Welfare Services. Additionally, she holds national leadership roles as a member of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), is a member of its Advisory Board, vice-chair of its Task Force on Education Reform, and serves as the Chair of the Mayors’ Business Council. In June of 2013, she hosted the 81st annual gathering of the National Conference of Mayors in Las Vegas. The USCM honored her with the Mayors’ 2014 Large City Climate Protection Award.

Carolyn is well known in the Las Vegas community for founding The Meadows School in 1984, Nevada’s first nonprofit, college preparatory school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grades. Carolyn planned and oversaw the entire day-to-day operations for 26 years orchestrating and creating the curricular development; overseeing the budget; hiring administration, faculty and staff; and managing the entire physical plant and fundraising endeavors for the organization. During this time, Carolyn never had ownership of the school as it was incorporated as a 501[c][3] entity. Furthermore, during her 26 years in leadership, Carolyn never took a salary. She retired in June 2010.

Recognized nationally by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and the National Association of Independent Schools in 2006 with the Seymour Preston Trustee Award for Leadership, Carolyn additionally devoted much of her life to volunteerism in Las Vegas. In 1989, the University of Nevada recognized Carolyn with the prestigious “Distinguished Nevadan” award and in 2006 bestowed upon her an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree (PhD). In 2010, UNLV announced her as Alumni of the Year in Education.

Carolyn and her husband moved to Las Vegas from Philadelphia in 1964 as relative newlyweds arriving in August with only $87 between them. Initially, Oscar (a member of the Pennsylvania Bar) worked for the District Attorney’s office while Carolyn began work in the hotel industry. Prior to that, she worked as a vocational counselor in West Las Vegas for the Department of Labor training and building employment opportunities for African Americans in a then-segregated city. While her husband traveled the country (establishing what became an outstanding criminal law career winning high-profile cases), Carolyn raised their four infant children while simultaneously earning a master’s degree in counseling at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Carolyn has served the people of Las Vegas by volunteerism and therein in leadership in many community nonprofit boards, charities and service organizations. She has proven her deep commitment to the community and continues to be devoted to the highest quality of life for all southern Nevadans by her efforts and dedication.

Her children have gone on to be extremely successful, each of whom went on to graduate schools out-of-state and each of whom has now returned to live in Las Vegas and raise their own families (six grandchildren to date). The eldest son, Oscar Jr., is a MD/PhD specializing in the clinical treatment of and research for prostate cancer and oncology. His doctoral degree is in molecular pharmacology and structural biology. The other two sons, Ross and Eric, are both attorneys. Ross is a retired Major in the U. S. Marine Corps and serves in private legal practice in Las Vegas. Eric is a third generation alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and is currently a Las Vegas Justice of the Peace. Daughter Cara began working in human resources consulting and information technology after completing her undergraduate and graduate studies at Stanford University in Human Resources. She completed a second master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and works in the burn unit in the public hospital.

Tamara D. Madensen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Director, Crowd Management Research Council

Department of Criminal Justice - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Large celebratory events in tourist locations can pose significant safety and security challenges. Dr. Madensen will explain the conditions that make violence and disorder more likely to occur at such events. She also will describe the tactics used to manage crowds and secure the Las Vegas Strip on New Year’s Eve. This case study will illustrate how crowd dynamics can be controlled using a systematic and structured approach to eliminating environmental risk factors.


Dr. Tamara Madensen is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Graduate Director at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). She received her Ph.D. with a special emphasis in Crime Prevention from the University of Cincinnati. She is the Director of UNLV’s Crowd Management Research Council, and her research focuses on crowd dynamics that influence violence. Dr. Madensen has authored two research monographs on crowd violence published by the U.S. Department of Justice. Her book, Preventing Crowd Violence, has been translated into two foreign languages.


She provides crowd management research, evaluation, and training for police agencies and private industries.

Ramon Martin-Fernandez, Ph.D. Professor and Senior Researcher for Falculty in  Tourism

University of Havana

Havana, Cuba


The objective of this presentation is to discuss Cuban tourism development and the safety measures in travel process, installations and special destinations. Presentation will focus on the following points: General features and facts of Cuban tourism development in the last 30 years; Some concepts on safety and security in Cuba (for travelers and locals); Tourism security processes; Security in travel to and from Cuba; Security in installations; Security from the territorial point of view (special destinations).


Dr. Martin-Fernández has a degree in Economics, a Master degree in Tourism Marketing and a PhD. in Economics.


Dr. Martin-Fernandez is the Representative of Caribbean à la Carte Corp. a company that deals with travel and tourism, business consultancy, software production, building & construction and foreign trade along the Caribbean countries. He is working as Consultant in United Nations – Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC); Consultant in the company Centro Internacional de la Habana (CIH) and Adviser of Tourism Development and Marketing of Gaviota Tourism Group in Cuba.


He is working also as Professor and Senior Researcher in the Faculty of Tourism, University of Havana.. And he is the Chairman of the National Commission of Tourism Higher Studies of Cuba. He is member as well of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Tourism, of the Editorial Board of  Retos Turísticos, the Cuban Higher Education Journal of Tourism and member of the Journal on Leisure and Tourism Studies (ROTUR), University of A Coruña, Spain.


Latest publications are:

  • Book: “Principios, Organización y Práctica del Turismo”. Primera Parte. Editorial Félix Varela, La Habana, 2010 (ISBN 978-959-07-1299-9);

  • Report “An Assesment of the Economic Impact of Climate Change on the Tourism Sector in The Bahamas” (ECLAC Document LC/CAR/L.315);

  • Article: “Valoración del sistema de información turística para Ciudad de la Habana”, Journal Estudios Turísticos, Spain, Nº 189 (2011), pp. 151-171;

  • Book: “La demanda turística hacia La Habana. Implementación adaptada del Sistema de Información Turística de Asturias”. Published by University of  Oviedo, Spain, 2011 (ISBN 978-84-8317-900-0);

  • Report: “An assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change on the energy sector in the Caribbean”, LC/CAR/L.397, February 2013.

  • Article: “Improving effectiveness in hotel new investments using Decision Support Systems in pre-feasibility analysis”. Revista Retos Turísticos Nº 3, Vol. 3, 2013

  • Chapter: “Desarrollo turístico local sostenible en Cuba: un reto a la descentralización” in the book: “¿Qué municipio queremos? Respuestas en clave de descentralización” (Editora UH, 2014)

  • Article: “´Pronóstico de la demanda turística hacia Cuba considerando el impacto del cambio climático”. Revista Caribeña de Estudios Sociales, University of Málaga, Spain.

  • Article: “Impact assessment of foreign hotels chains technology through hotel management contract in Cuba” Revista CONFIN, Nº 2, 2015.

  • Book: “Principios, Organización y Práctica del Turismo”. Primera Parte. Editorial Félix Varela, La Habana, 2015 (ISBN: 978-959-07-1984-4)


E-mail: caribbean@caribbeanalacarte.com

Mobile phone: (53) 52819945

Manuel David Masseno, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Law

Polytechnic Institute of Beja Beja, Portugal




One of the great challenges facing the tourism industry is the protection of personal data.  Dr. Masseno will speak about how Europe is handling this problem, the challenges and the successes and what people in other parts of the world should consider.


Manuel David Masseno is an Associate Professor of Law at the Polytechnic of Beja, Portugal, where he is at the Coordination of Lab UbiNET – Computer Security and Cybercrime and of MESI – Master Program on Computer Security Engineering. As an expert in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Law, he has been lecturing at the Doctoral Program on Comparative and Personal Rights of the University of Salerno, in Italy, and at the Master Program on Law and Computing of the University of Minho, Portugal, as well as in several Brazilian, Finnish, Spanish and Turkish Universities. Besides, he is a Member of the Permanent Committee on Information Security of APDSI – the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society and a Member of CIIWA – the Competitive Intelligence and Information Warfare Association, in Portugal; the International Relation Director of IBDI – theBrazilian Institute of Computer Law, a Consultant Member of the Electronic Law and High Technology Crimes Commission of the São Paulo Bar Association, in Brazil; and a Member of LexConverge – Consortium of Convergent Technologies and Law, based in Malta. Professor Masseno is also a Member of International Advisory Board of theInternational Review of Law, Computers & Technology and of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Law and Technology, both in the United Kingdom, of the Science Council of RBMAD - Revista Brasileira de Meio Ambiente Digital e Sociedade da Informação, in Brazil, and of the Editorial Board of Безпека інформації / Information Security, in Ukraine.


Regarding Tourism related issues, besides lecturing Tourism Law for more than 20 years at the Polytechnic of Beja and organizing several International Conferences on the subject in Portugal and Brazil, he is a former Member of the Board of IFTTA – the International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates and a former Vice-President of SIDETUR – the Ibero-American Society of Tourism Law. He also created and administers the Lex Turistica Nova Weblog, as well as the related forums in Google Groups and in Facebook, and is a founding Member of STELA – the Space Travel Law Association.


More recently, Professor Masseno became the Director for Portugal / Europe of ABIME – the Brazilian Association of Electronic Press Media.

Gregory G. Mullen

Chief of Police

Charleston Police Department

Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Chief Gregory Mullen along with Dr. Pranil Upadhayaya will look at two case studies from around the world where tourism industries have had to face crises, be they man or natural produced, and how each community succeeded in overcoming the crisis. This interactive dialogue will present principles of tourism safety and security that although are site specific will have both universal and timeless utility. 


Gregory G. Mullen was appointed Chief of Police of the Charleston Police Department on October 2, 2006. In 1985, he joined the Virginia Beach Police Department, rising through the ranks to Deputy Chief of Police. His previous assignments included patrol, narcotics, criminal intelligence and resort operations.


Chief Mullen is an experienced leader with a proven record of community involvement, cultivating relationships and using teams to create opportunities and solve problems.  He strives to establish strong community relationships throughout the city with the goal of strengthening relationships between the citizens of Charleston and their police department.  Chief Mullen leads by example with a strong commitment to lifelong learning, employee growth and development, and accountability.


During his tenure as Chief of Police in Charleston, he has been instrumental in implementing a number of strategic changes throughout the organization that have led to enhancements in the areas of crime reduction, excellence in policing, community support and outreach, technology advancements, and special event and crisis management.


He created a Responsible Hospitality Group comprised of members of the hospitality, hotel, and retail industries to help identify key concerns and areas for improvement in the City’s growing Hospitality Zone and management of the myriad of festivals and special events that occur in Charleston.  This successful partnership led to the implementation of several key strategies, and its impact contributed to Charleston being recognized by Cond’e Nast Magazine as its number one tourist destination in the US for the past four years.  He is currently engaged in an initiative, which created a Late Night Entertainment Review Committee to address issues and strategies that support a vibrant and economically viable nightlife area while maintaining the delicate balance between tourism and a healthy quality of life of year round residents.


Under his leadership, the city manages numerous special events yearly ranging in scope and magnitude from small localized events to large road races and international art festivals that required extensive planning and coordination between local, state, and federal public safety entities.  Most recently, he combined his crime analysis and information sharing capabilities with a situational awareness solution to implement a Public Safety Operations Center which allows for city-wide, real-time domain awareness during normal operations, special events, and crisis management. 


Chief Mullen received a Bachelor Degree in Criminology from Saint Leo College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Old Dominion University. He is a graduate of the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School, FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, Senior Executive Institute at the University of Virginia, the Professional Executive Leadership School at the University of Richmond, and the Senior Management Institute in Police from Boston University.  In 1998 and 2008, he was selected to participate in law enforcement exchange programs involving the Israeli National Police and Victoria Police Service, in Victoria, Australia.


He serves on the executive boards of the Trident United Way and South Carolina Law Enforcement Officer’s Association. He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Police Executive Research Forum, and South Carolina Police Chief’s Association. 

Tony Ridley


Intelligent Travel

Melbourne, Australia


With a growing number of inbound and internal tourist travel within Asia Pacific, we examine the main tourism security issues. We will do a detailed look at demographics, desires, resources and variations between some of the biggest tourism markets within Asia Pacific. In addition to this detailed review, we will also examine the best and worst of tourism security management and communication issues affecting travelers and tourism operators alike. 


Tony has generated significant value to clients and companies by enabling business growth, maximizing variance on return for assets, expanding market share and cost efficiencies. Hundreds of companies and departments have benefited from the direction and input provided by Tony. Business leaders and managers have been empowered to make informed decisions when developing or implementing strategy or responding to tactile issues, small and large. Those that have benefited from Tony’s influence and solutions enjoy greater business resilience for the environments in which they operation and profit from dynamic business decision-making.

His experience and expertise has been transferred in many ways. Push communications to key decision makers or select managers, exclusive or collective workshops and seminars, mentoring and peer review, consultation services, project management, position papers and technical forums. No two engagements are the same for clients or the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the desired results, with each mechanism crafted from the guiding requirements to achieve the maximum value and benefits desired. Tony remains highly sought by clients for value solution development, business enhancement sessions and is regularly featured as a speaker in technical and industry conferences along with media engagement and contributor. Innovation remains a distinguishing factor for Tony and his high value benefit to organizations.

Executive and management level experience in security audits, security reviews, security operations management, risk assessments, travel safety and security strategies, crisis management, protective security operations, security guard services, physical security, security management, security provider reviews, security budgeting, commercial security sales and service, and business continuity.



Thomas A. Roberts

Assistant Sheriff 

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Tom has been in Law Enforcement for the over 30 years serving as a Law Enforcement Specialist in the United States Air Force for 9 ½ years and Police Officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) the last 23 years.  


During his tenure at LVMPD, he rose through the ranks from Police Officer to Assistant Sheriff working a wide variety of assignments at LVMPD.  As a police officer he worked as Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Bike Officer, Problem Solving Unit and Narcotics Detective.   As a Sergeant he worked Bike Patrol, Internal Affairs, Narcotics Interdiction Task Force, Criminal Apprehension Team Task Force and Crisis Negotiator for SWAT.   As a Lieutenant, he worked Patrol, Internal Affairs and as a member of Executive Staff as the Director of Intergovernmental Services.  As a Captain, he led the Southeast Area Command, South Central Area Command and Office of Internal Oversight.  


He was appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief in October of 2013 and led the LVMPD Patrol Division and then the Investigative Services Division.   Tom was appointed to Assistant Sheriff in December 2015. 


Tom is the Treasurer of the Friends of Metro Foundation, Co-Chair for the Rebuilding Every City Around Peace (RECAP) community Initiative, and a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  


He is the recipient of three Unit Medals of Valor, three Unit Exemplary Service Awards and the Unit Community Service Award. 


Tom has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of Air Force, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and is pursuing his Master’s in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  


Tom has been married for 28 years and has two sons who attend UNLV.

Gary Schofield

Deputy Chief

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Personal Background

Chief Schofield was born at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan. His family moved to the Las Vegas area first in 1968 and then returned for a permanent stay in 1972. He joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 1985 after serving in the USAF.


In 1990 he was recalled to active duty in the USAF for Desert Storm and returned to the Department upon its conclusion.



Associate degree in Criminal Justice

Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice

Masters degree in Administration of Criminal Justice


Law Enforcement History

Chief Schofield started his law enforcement career in the USAF as a Security Police Officer in 1980. He joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 1985 and has been assigned to Patrol, Field Training, SWAT, Narcotics, and the Gang Unit. As a Captain he has commanded the Southwest Area Command, Bolden Area Command, Training Bureau, and Gang Crimes Bureau to include the Special Investigations Section.  As Deputy Chief he has been in charge of the Central Patrol Division and the Professional Standards Division, which includes Internal Affairs Bureau, Human Resources Bureau, Labor Relations, and Organizational Development/Training Bureau.  He is currently assigned to the Tourist Safety Division which includes: Downtown Area Command, Convention Center Area Command, Airport Bureau, Traffic Bureau and the Support Operations Bureau.


Professional Highlights and Affiliations

LVMPD Museum Board

Member Police Executive Research Forum

Board Member American Red Cross – Southern NV

Member International Association of Chiefs of Police

Member National Tactical Officers Association

Member American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

Member Asian Chamber of Commerce

Board Member National Asian Police Officers Association

Member Asian Command Officers Association

Member American Legion Post 100

Member Southern Poverty Law Center

Board Member United Way, Success by 6 Program

(Past) Board Member & Vice Chair Sunrise Manor Town Board

(Past) Board Member Community Development Advisory Committee

Member National Eagle Scout Association


Ray Suppe

President, International Tourism Safety Association and Executive Director of Customer Safety,

Las Vegas Convention and

Visitors Authority

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Raymond P. Suppe is executive director of customer safety for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). He is responsible for the safety and security of the 3.2 million square foot Las Vegas Convention Center and its sister venue, Cashman Center, consisting of 100,000 square feet of exhibit space and a 9,200-seat outdoor sports stadium.


He joined Security of the LVCVA in October 1992, held various staff and management positions within the department, and was promoted to Director of Security in 2005 and Senior Director of Security in 2014. Suppe oversees the operating functions and professional conduct and training programs for over 200 employees within Customer Safety’s three sections of Security, Traffic and Fire Prevention. He is also responsible for one sub-section – Safety.


Suppe serves as the liaison between the LVCVA and related public agencies such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, FBI, Clark County Fire Department, and Department of Homeland Security.


Prior to joining the LVCVA, Suppe served in the United States Army. His current

affiliations include President of the International Tourism Safety Association, Executive Board Secretary for the Las Vegas Security Chiefs’ Association, and member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM).



The LVCVA is charged with marketing Southern Nevada as a tourism and convention destination worldwide, and also with operating the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. With approximately 150,255 hotel rooms in Las Vegas alone and nearly 11 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space citywide, the LVCVA's mission centers on attracting ever-increasing numbers of leisure and business visitors to the area.



Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D.

President / CEO

Tourism & More, Inc.

College Station, Texas (USA)



Dr. Tarlow will provide an overview of the state of tourism security with special emphasis on the impact of terrorism and health along with new issues in sports and hotel security.


Dr. Peter E. Tarlow is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in the impact of crime and terrorism in the tourism industry, event and tourism risk management, and economic development.  Since 1990, Tarlow has been teaching courses on tourism, crime and terrorism to police forces and security and tourism professionals throughout the world.


Tarlow earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Texas A&M University.  He also holds degrees in history, in Spanish and Hebrew literatures, and in psychotherapy.  In 1996, Tarlow became Hoover Dam's consultant for tourism development and security.  In 1998, Tarlow's role at the Bureau of Reclamation expanded.  He was asked to develop a tourism security program for all Bureau of Reclamation properties and visitor's centers.  In 1999, United States Customs Service asked Tarlow to work with its agents in the area of customer service, cultural awareness, and custom's impact within the tourism and visitor industry. 


In 2000, Tarlow, due to interagency cooperation on the part of the Bureau of Reclamation, helped to prepare security and FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  He also lectured for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.  Tarlow is currently working with police departments of the state of Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup Games and 2016 Olympic games.


Tarlow is a founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. (T&M).  He is a past president of the Texas Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA).  Tarlow is a member of the International Editorial Boards of "Turizam" published in Zagreb, Croatia, "Anatolia: International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research," published in Turkey, "Turismo: Visão e Ação" published in Brazil, and "Estudios y Perspectivas en Turismo," published in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Additional information coming soon.


Anne-Laure Tuncer

Director USA

Atout France, France  Tourism Development Agency, Paris, France

Pranil Kumar Upadhayaya, Ph.D.

Tourism Management Adviser Adam Smith International



Dr. Pranil Upadhayaya along with Chief Gregory Mullen will look at two case studies from around the world where tourism industries have had to face crises, be they man or natural produced, and how each community succeeded in overcoming the crisis. This interactive dialogue will present principles of tourism safety and security that although are site specific will have both universal and timeless utility. 


Dr. Pranil Kumar Upadhayaya has a PhD in Tourism Conflict and Peace and a Master in Tourism Management.  In 1988, he received his Bachelor of Arts at the Pandit Ugam pandy College in India.  He is the Tourism Management Adviser for SAMARTH in Nepal and a freelance Tourist Guide.  Dr. Upadhayaya began his professional experiences in tourism sector in 1992 as an Officer advancing to Senior Manager at Gangotri Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. in 2006.  Dr. Upadhayaya has presented several tourism related topics at conferences, seminars, and universities around the world.  His proficient languages include:  English, Nepali, Hindi, and French.  He is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Tourism and Hospitality, USA; a Member of the International Institute of Peace through Tourism, Global Educator’s Network; an Advisor for Fair Trek International; a Member for the Association of Hospitality Management Educators; and a Member of Nepal PhD Association.  In 2013, he became the Editor of Tourism in Pokhara, Issues, Trends and Future Prospects for Peace and Prosperity.


Preparing for the upcoming season presents a new challenge in safety – finding the right answer for migrant crisis and coordinate needs and possibilities of local community (tourism on a micro – level) with demands of complex safety situation.


Mr. Živaljić is a Detective for Euro Contego d.o.o.  Prior, he was an Adviser of Security Management for Aservo d.o.o.  He has a Master of Science in Economics and before that he achieved the qualified titles of Sanitary Technician and Mechanical Engineering Technician.  He is trained for providing services of private and bodyguard protection and maintains great self-defense skills through Martial Arts.  He also served as a SWAT Team Commander with the Croatian Army from 1993 to 1996.  Mr. Živaljić speaks Croatian and English.  He is a Member of International Police Association – Regional Club IPA of Split-Dalmatian, a part of Croatian section of IPA and Adviser of President of Regional Club.

Vedran Živaljić MAG.OEC.

Private Detective
Euro Contego D.O.O.



Interested in becoming a speaker at the 2017 tourism safety conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA?


Due to the tremendous interest from tourism security and safety specialists regarding an opportunity to speak at the 23rd International Tourism Safety Conference or a future conference, time will be set aside on Monday, April 11, 2016 during the morning hours to meet with prospective speakers.


If you are interested in speaking, please let us know if you will be attending the 23rd International Tourism Safety Conference in 2016 so that we may schedule a private interview with you.


To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact:

Ray Suppe at rsuppe@lvcva.com or Peter Tarlow at ptarlow@tourismand more.com.


Looking forward to seeing you in 2016 for the 23rd International Tourism Safety Conference!



833-4-IATSSP (833-442-8777)

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