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About TSSP

International Association of Tourism Safety & Security Professionals (IATSSP) offers membership to any Public Safety, Medical or Law Enforcement professional who is interested in Connection, Collaboration, Education, and Certification within the Tourism Safety & Security Field.
Tourism is more important than ever. In addition to increased desire for interactive shared experiences, the importance of tourism dollars driving local and global economies has heightened the focus on designing, creating, and maintaining safe environments for all tourists. The Tourism industry is more dynamic than ever. Environments and tourist desires continue to change rapidly.
IATSSP is comprised of 1,000+ members representing over 70 countries and hosts conferences and tradeshows throughout the world to support connection, collaboration, education, and certification with the tourism safety and security fields. We maintain and continue to grow our network of professionals that create and enhance safe and secure tourism throughout the world. 2020 will mark our 27th Annual Conference.
This robust network of Annual Conference attendees includes hundreds of professional individuals within the Medical, Security, Tourism, and Government industries.
Our conference provides a place for this important network of professionals to connect, collaborate, learn, and even gain access to certain certification programs.
Some of our member and network organizations include, but are not limited to:
Airlines, Airports, Hotels, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Convention Centers, Transportation Companies, Meeting Professionals
Ministries of Tourism, TSA, CDC, US Customs & Border Protection, NIH, CIA, FBI, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, NOAA, US Secret Service, OSHA
Public health Professionals/Educators, Subject Matter Experts
EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Public Security, Private Security, Police, Sheriff’s Department, Highway Patrol, Crisis Management and Emergency Management Professionals, Risk Management Professionals
Hospital Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Emergency room professionals
Pillars to our Foundation:
● Connection – To provide a common affiliation for professionals who are passionate about Tourism Safety & Security so that we may share information and help move the industry forward together.
● Collaboration – To provide opportunities, virtually and Face to Face for the members of our community to network, discuss, collaborate and ultimately assist each other in bettering ourselves and one another, all with the common goal of more effective Tourism Safety & Security.
● Education – To share formal education and real-life examples that will help destinations and organizations around the world provide Safer and more Secure Tourism opportunities for everyone.
● Certification – To administer the education in such a fashion that there is a formalized structure for professionals around the world to earn credentials and certification of such knowledge.
We invite you to come and experience our next event:
27th Annual Conference
Tourism Safety & Security Professionals
Targeting April 26-30, 2020 (date to be confirmed) in Las Vegas, NV
Participation within the 27th Annual Conference aligns your brand with ours and features you as a(n):
o Leader in Tourism Safety & Security
o Partner in the commitment to help train professionals
o Extension of social responsibility initiatives
o Promoter of the importance of safety and security in your community
Please review our Partner Packages itemized below and ask us about customized opportunities for your brand partnership!
Susie Prue Vice President; Strategic Partnerships
1(704) 248-2800 (Office)
1(978) 804-2324 (Cell)

Susie Prue
Vice President; Strategic Partnerships
1(704) 248-2800 (Office)
1(978) 804-2324 (Cell)


833-4-IATSSP (833-442-8777)

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