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Nathalie Pilovetzky



Puerto Vallarto, Mexico


Ms. Pilvovetzky will examine what happens when a tourism site faces both a natural and manmade crisis. She will discuss the way that Puerto Vallarta handled the potential hurricane natural disaster and how Puerto Vallarta was able to turn the USA and Canadian travel warnings around. 


Mrs. Pilovetzky is an expert in tourism marketing, development, and crisis management with over 20 years’ experience. Throughout her career, Mrs. Pilovetzky has developed award-winning communications and promotional campaigns for more than 80 tourism destinations across North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as provided guidance to many government entities with tourism development and communication management in times of crisis.


In 2001, Mrs. Pilovetzky founded LATITUDE, an international agency based in New York with branch offices throughout Latin America, dedicated to help destinations grow and improve their tourism infrastructure, services and offers, develop their image and establish their brand, implement effective promotional campaigns aimed at increasing tourism arrivals; and be prepared to effectively handle consumer, trade and media relations during and following a possible crisis.


Over the past decade Mrs. Pilovetzky has served on the board of various tourism organizations, including the US Tour Operators Association and has been an advisor to several tourism ministers in the area of communications, brand positioning and crisis management.


After twelve years of working with the Government of Ecuador as the country’s representative in North and South America; Mrs. Pilovetzky was offered the opportunity to join the Ministry of Tourism and held the positions of Undersecretary of Markets and then Deputy Vice Minister of Tourism of Ecuador from 2013-2014. During this time, she helped create the country’s multi-award-winning campaign and brand “All You Need is Ecuador” resulting in an18% growth in international visitor arrivals in just six months.

Regarded as an innovative leader in tourism development and marketing, Mrs. Pilovetzky is regularly invited to share her experience, vision and passion at conferences and fairs around the world. 


Tourism is part of her DNA. Born and raised along the French Riviera she learned at a very early age the importance of making visitors feel welcomed and well looked after, and spent many summers building friendships with international travelers that vacationed around her hometown. Her French-Russian parents believed that travel was the best form of education and took frequent family trips throughout Europe, the Americas and Africa; until relocating to Southern California when she was a teenager. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Masters courses in public relations and marketing at the University of California, Los Angeles, Mrs. Pilovetzky started her career working for multinational PR agencies and has had the great fortune to live and work in five continents. Mrs. Pilovetzky is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.