Navigating COVID-19

Message from our
Executive Director

As this dynamic situation unfolds, and uncertainty is the only thing that is clear, we must place the safety and security of our members and attendees as the highest priority.

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Pillars to our foundation

Connection – To provide a common affiliation for professionals who are passionate about Tourism Safety & Security so that we may share information and help move the industry forward together.

Collaboration – To provide opportunities, virtually and Face to Face for the members of our community to network, discuss, collaborate and ultimately assist each other in bettering ourselves and one another, all with the common goal of more effective Tourism Safety & Security.

Education – To share formal education and real-life examples that will help destinations and organizations around the world provide Safer and more Secure Tourism opportunities for everyone.

Certification – To administer the education in such a fashion that there is a formalized structure for professionals around the world to earn credentials and certification of such knowledge.​