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2018 ITSC

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Adam Coghran

Safe Kids Inc.
Newport Beach, California

Crimes, crisis and the media

​(Monday, April 16, 2018, 1:00pm - 3:00pm)

Crimes and crisis are an unavoidable reality in today's world. The events of "1 October" continue to show the importance of crisis communication and relationships with the media. Hospitality security expert Adam Coughran and media expert Stacey Escalante explain the importance of rapport and messaging with the media in the wake of crimes in tourism destinations. Key Points: Quick and appropriate crisis messaging; 4 Stages  of Crisis; Types of Media Coverage (Broadcast, Social Media, etc.); and Scenarios to Develop and Practice Messaging.​Adam Coughran is a police officer turned educator and entrepreneur.

Throughout his law enforcement career in Southern California, Adam worked in various capacities, including street patrol, field training, counter-terrorism, and tourism-oriented policing. Adam utilized his expertise to found Standards Training Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses deter crime and mitigate violence.

Adam soon began training personnel in various industries, including hotels and schools. It was during a school training session that Adam discovered the need for violence prevention training for elementary and middle school students. Subsequently, Adam co-founded his second company, Safe Kids Inc., and developed the H.E.R.O.™ Program. An acronym for Hide, Escape, Run, and Overcome, the H.E.R.O.™ Program is designed to instill safe-thinking skills that enable children to survive violent incidents. The H.E.R.O.™ Program consists of age-appropriate curriculum, engaging activities, professional development for educators, and a series of drills and scenarios.

Adam currently serves as president of both companies, in addition to being an active member and holding leadership positions in several nonprofit organizations and professional associations. He has trained, consulted and presented on local, regional, national and international stages on a variety of topics. Adam’s clients broadly incorporate tourism, hospitality, retail outlets, higher education, private and public-school districts, utility companies, health care, government, professional associations and security agencies.

Kwakye Donkor

Africa Tourism Partners
Johannesburg, South Africa

Tourism safety and security: The African perspective

Travel and tourism has often been recognized for its ability to drive peace through safety and security. World leaders such as Kofi Annan, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton have highlighted the significance of tourism. African leaders also hold similar views and as a result, proactive initiatives have been created to minimize tourism safety and security issues in their respective countries.​​

Kwakye is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Africa Tourism Partners (ATP) – www.africatourismpartners.com. He is also a Non-Executive Director of African Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (AITE) and the Founder of Africa Tourism Leadership Forum. He has over 25 years combined experience in research, strategic marketing, brand management, business development, investment promotions, corporate communications, fund raising and advocacy in a wide range of environment.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Africa Tourism Partners, Kwakye was the Marketing and Communications Director of the Regional Tourism Organization of Southern Africa (RETOSA), the tourism agency of the 15-member states Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) from 2009 to March, 2017. He was also the Executive Marketing Director of Fancourt, one of the leading golf resorts in the world from 2002 to 2009, as National Marketing and Communications Manager at Provident Financial (UK and South Africa), African Bank Investment Ltd (ABIL). He is guest lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology, Business School in South Africa.

Kwakye has played, and still plays a leading role in Africa’s tourism development by way of providing advisory services in tourism development, destination marketing, business tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions), destination brand management, Global Sales Agency (GSA), advocacy and market development. He organized the Festival of Africa  during 2010 FIFA World Cup and played key roles in hosting 2005 Women’s World Cup (Golf), 2005 Nelson Mandel 46646 concert and the 2003 Presidents in South Africa and 2013 UNWTO General Assembly. He is actively involved in Brand Africa’s equity enhancement, and has spoken at numerous UNWTO Fora. He is the convener of Africa Golf Summit and the architect of the Experience Southern Africa Tourism exhibition for RETOSA at JATA in Japan.

Philippe François
Chief Executive Officer

François-Tourisme Consultants​
Paris, Franc

Exploring the thematics of tourism and terrorism

The world is shaken by lack of security - it's a big deal in today's society. Without security,  tourism is at risk. This concern has been proven by professional leaders in the tourism industry. We will discuss the situation in Europe, the means to prevent risks as well as the methods of security crisis management, in particular, the "tourism and terrorism" thematic.​

Graduated from a hotel school and an university MBA. Philippe François started his career as a waiter and worked his way up to hotel manager. Some years later, he created and ran for 7 years, the now renowned Ecole de Savignac (MBA in hospitality management). Since 1994, as international tourism expert, he runs the François-Tourisme-Consultants group, leading consultancy companies in hospitality and tourism, specialized in results optimization and sustainable development & security operational solutions, with his team of 15 international permanent consultants. Philippe is also the President of Ecorismo, international events in environment in tourism and hospitality as well as Biorismo, the biodiversity solutions for hospitality business. He is currently elected President of Amforht, the world association for hospitality and tourism education and training, gathering 850 members from 63 countries, NGO is supported by the United Nations Organization. Philippe is also President of the Institute of Tourism Strategy, President of the regional official On-work Health Service and Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Dordogne. Philippe and his team have published 18 professional books and guides in tourism management since 2000 and contributed to the creation of more than twenty hotel schools and university programs in tourism in France and around the world.


Frank Haas
Lecturer – HOST Department

Kapi‘olani Community CollegeHonolulu, Hawai‘i

Making safety and security a requirement in the hospitality training

When it comes to safety and security in the hospitality industry everyone needs to own – and address – the issue.  To fully prepare its students to respond to the realities of the twenty-first century hospitality industry, Kapi‘olani Community College in Honolulu, Hawai‘i has introduced a new, mandatory course on Tourism Security and Safety.  Covering all aspects of safety and security, the course will sensitize students to prioritize, plan, and budget for safety and security in the hospitality workplace.  The course is a departure from standard curriculum and can serve as a model for curriculum development in other hospitality training programs. ​

Frank Haas is former Dean and currently lectures at Kapi‘olani Community College in Honolulu, teaching Tourism Security and Safety.  He also operates Marketing Management, a business consultancy focused on travel and tourism.  His experience includes executive positions in higher education, tourism and hospitality, food service, advertising, and high technology.  Frank was Assistant Dean for the School of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawai‘i.  He served as Vice President and Director of Marketing for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, responsible for the marketing contracts for leisure and business travel, sports and convention marketing.  In 1999-2000, he was national chair of the 40,000 member American Marketing Association.  

Frank has been the recipient of marketing awards including Hawai‘i Marketer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award, the American Advertising Foundation Silver Medal, Pizza Hut Franchise Marketer of the Year, Honolulu Ad Federation Ad Man of the Year and others. Frank has served on many Hawai‘i community boards and on the national level he has served on the advisory board for the U.S. Census and Hawai‘i’s District Export Council. Frank earned his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Masters in Business Administration degrees from Northwestern University.

Ashok Hukku,Y.S.M.
Major General (Retired)

Pune, India

Tourism security: The view from India

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It has the advantage of geography accentuated by very rich and diverse cultural traditions. Earnings from foreign tourists have shown a marked increase year after year. India earned $27 billion from foreign tourists in 2017.​

The infrastructure for tourism in the country has vastly improved over the past 15 years, so has the tourist influx. In spite of its potential to draw tourists, the Travel & Tourism Sector has not been fully exploited in India as yet.​

This is an era in which insecure environment has raised its ugly head time and again at tourist destinations worldwide. In India there have been terrorist attacks in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, crime against tourists has also been making news. Therefore it is only natural that a question is often asked if India is safe for tourism.​

The lecture examines the issue of tourism security in India. Two examples are discussed, the November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, and criminal acts in the state of Goa. From these examples an attempt is made to draw useful lessons and to profile the state of security in India as far as tourists are concerned.

​Today terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon, but the threat can be met effectively with proactive measures. Whereas crimes against tourists can largely be prevented if sufficient care is exercised by the tourist himself/herself. Of course the government machinery and the society at large must also play a vital role toward this end.​

Major General Ashok Hukku , Y.S.M. (Retd) is a former infantry officer of the Indian Army. Commissioned in 1965, he has extensive counter insurgency and operational experience in India and Sri Lanka. He participated in the war of Bangla Desh in 1971.​He was an instructor at the Indian Military Academy and has held several General Staff appointments at brigade, division, corps and army levels.  As a Colonel he commanded an infantry battalion in counterinsurgency areas in India and later as a part of Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka where he was awarded the Yudh Sewa Medal (Y.S.M.). He was posted as the Miliatry Attache at the Embassy of India in Paris, from 1995-1998, with concurrent accreditation to BENELUX countries. ​As a Major General he commanded a mountain division and participated in the Kargil war of 1999.​After a general staff appointment at the HQ of the Western Army he was appointed as the Chief Military Intelligence Advisor in the Cabinet Secretariat at New Delhi.

He retired in 2005 and was called as a Centre Director at the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) in New Delhi. He sought voluntary retirement from NTRO in 2007 and settled down in the city of Pune. After retirement he has been speaking on strategic issues of South Asia to NATO officers, diplomats and academia on important forums including at the UN HQ in New York, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the NATO School in Germany, NATO HQ in Brussels, Senat in Paris and other institutions in Belgium, Kuala Lampur and Bangkok.  

He has also writes for the “Defense and Security Alert”, published from New Delhi.
He has been on the visiting faculty of NATO School in Germany since 2012.
In 2015 he was appointed as a member of Advisory Board of UNESCO-IHP.
In 2018 appointed to the Advisory Board of Asia Governance Foundation, Bangkok.

Lucy Karume, Honorary Director

Kenya Tourism Federation
Nairobi, Kenya

An overview of tourism security in Kenya

This presentation will highlight the structure of tourism security in Kenya. It will also introduce several security initiatives developed for private sector organizations whose focus is on tourism.

​Lucy Karume is the Honorary Director for the Kenya Tourism Federation in Nairobi, Kenya.  She currently serves as the National Chairperson of Kenya Tourism Federation which is the umbrella body for seven key private sector tourism associations.

Her duties include leading private sector tourism towards achieving its main mandate which is to lobby for a conductive business environment for tourism to flourish.  Her task includes assisting in advocacy, capacity building and align all the associations with respectable code of ethics.  

Lucy is also a board member of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority which is a government nomination tasked to represent the interest of the tourism private sector stakeholders at the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.  

Lucy holds a MBA in Hospitality and Business Management from Luzern Switzerland and a diploma in Travel and Transportation from the International Travel and Transport Institute in Houston, Texas.  

She has been employed in the tourism industry for several years including holding the following positions:  Business Development Director for Jacaranda Group of Hotels; Vice Chairman for Kenya Private Sector Alliance; past Board Member for Kenya Tourism Board; National Chairperson for Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers; and General Manager for the Indian Ocean Beach Club, Diani.  

Lucy is a professional and dedicated person with vast experience in various spheres of social, community and economic forums.  Her purpose is to actively and decisively participate in offering international skills in managing corporate and social professionalism in the business community, with emphasis in the hospitality industry, women and youth empowerment for the prosperity and integrity of the Kenyan people.

Hal Kempfer
CEO and Founder

Knowledge & Intelligence
Program Professionals (KIPP)
Long Beach, California, USA

Comparative risk assessment

From a tourism security perspective, it is a challenge to effectively compare, assess and prioritize resources for risks we face, whether it is dealing with terrorism, crime, natural disasters or man-made hazards. More difficult is weighing the risk of crime and terrorism, but then to do so with floods, earthquakes or major industrial accidents. However, there is a way to effectively embrace these elements to accomplish this vital mission and do so in organizations that may have a wide variety of expertise, opinions and levels of concern.  

This is a dynamic three (3) hour seminar workshop that examines various risk criteria tied to threats and hazards, then leverages a time-proven process of collaborative assessment using a “subjective objective” approach to identify and rank them.  

Former United States President Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  

In this workshop, you may discover that the process of getting to the assessment is as much or more valuable than the final assessment itself. Whether this is a component of a larger strategic planning process or to more operationally focus security, safety and emergency preparedness efforts and resources, this methodology has been used by a wide variety of public and private sector organizations around the world going back decades. It is a benchmark methodology to effectively and efficiently conduct a comparative risk assessment process - easy to learn, easy to apply and always worth far more than the time involved.​​​​

Hal Kempfer is the CEO and Founder of KIPP, Knowledge and Intelligence Program Professionals Inc. in Long Beach, California. Hal is a senior instructor and course developer for a variety of other courses, workshops, seminars and Homeland Security exercises going back over 15 years.  

Widely held as a seasoned instructor in areas of homeland security, terrorism and intelligence, Hal and his firm have supported such notable organizations as the Naval Postgraduate School, U.S. Pacific Command’s Joint Task Force Homeland Defense, the National Guard’s National Inter-agency Civil-Military Institute or Joint Inter-agency Training Center – West.  He has been involved in terrorism issues in the military and civilian sectors for almost a quarter century.

A military veteran of Operation’s Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Cuba-Haiti Crisis of ’94, Desert Shield/Storm, the Cold War and the “War on Drugs,” he is a retired Marine Reserve Lt. Colonel with multiple tours involving multi-jurisdictional and inter-agency intelligence operations and support, particularly tied to threats posed by transnational networked organizations like modern terrorists.

A former Director of Intelligence (G/J-2) for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade and CENTCOM’s Combined/Joint Task Force Consequence Management, he was also a former Director of a joint/inter-agency fusion center (the JRIC) at Camp Pendleton, California, and former senior analyst, regional coordinator/executive officer for military intelligence support to the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). A former Director of Intelligence (G/J-2) for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade and CENTCOM’s Combined/Joint Task Force Consequence Management, he was also a former Director of a joint/inter-agency fusion center (the JRIC) at Camp Pendleton, California, and former senior analyst, regional coordinator/executive officer for military intelligence support to the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).

Hal is a regularly featured expert on KABC-7 television news in Southern California, i24 cable news network nationally and National Public Radio on military affairs, intelligence and terrorism, and is a frequent speaker, panelist or facilitator for topically related events in Southern California and around the world.

He holds a Master’s degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a Bachelor’s degree from Willamette University, and is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College, the Marine Corps’ Amphibious Warfare School and he has completed all academic curriculum of the Air War College, holding military officer specialties in intelligence, amphibious reconnaissance, infantry and engineering.

Saša Kuhar, Ph.D.
Part-time Lecturer

Security Sciences,Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia

Art crime and museums - prevention measures and security

Art theft which includes fraud, looting, and trafficking across state and international lines from museums is a looming criminal enterprise with estimated losses in the billions of dollars annually. The following key prevention measures of art crime in museums will be explored during this presentation. They include – forensic art marking; security smoke detection systems and other security measures.

​Saša Kuhar, Ph.D., is a part-time Lecturer in Security Sciences, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, Slovenia. The topic of her Doctoral dissertation was an investigation of art crime. Her main research fields are related to art crime and water crime. She is an author of several publications.

E-mail: sasa.kuhar@fvv.uni-mb.si or sasa.kuhar1@gmail.com

M. Luis
Executive InspectorGeneral Police

Mossos d’Esquadra (PGME)Barcelona, Spain

Community policing's impact on tourism security in Barcelona (Space)

Barcelona is a tourist hotspot for millions of visitors from all over the world. Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region and it is known for its art and architecture. The Sagrada Family church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the city. Combine all of this with the back drop of the Mediterranean Sea and warm temperatures year-round and you have a very attractive destination that is also appealing to all types of criminals. This presentation will focus on protecting potential victims through several preventative awareness measures.

Executive Inspector Luis graduated with degrees in Clinic Psychology, Psychopedagogy and has completed postgraduate studies in executive management on public security, investigation and a wide professional and technical content studies.​

For 19 years she has been developing her career in Mossos d'Esquadra, which is the Catalonia Law Enforcement Agency in Spain, and was assigned to a wide range of security services within that force, such as public security, public order, gender and domestic violence, scams and violent investigation, technical and strategic procedures as well as executive management.​

Since 2009, she has been the Head of the Metropolitan Transport Security Area, a specific police service on public transportation focused on prevention, reaction and investigation of crimes that occur in the metropolitan railway network.

Perry Novotny

Perry Novotny Attorneys at LawRamat Gan, Israel

Tourism security - The Israeli model of security regulation

The State of Israel is a recognized leader in the field of security but few understand how this is actually accomplished. Mr. Novotny provides a rare 'behind-the-scenes' glimpse through the eyes of a 'Security Lawyer', at how Israel regulates security and how this model and other practical concepts can be implemented elsewhere.​

Mr. Perry Novotny is an attorney who is licensed to practice law in both New York (2001) and Israel (2002) and is Israel's foremost expert in the field of Legal Aspects of Security.

​His firm has been providing legal solutions to security-related issues to countless government and public organizations in Israel and abroad for over fifteen years and is certified by the Israel National Police, Israel Security Agency and Ministry of Defense.​

Mr. Novotny is the legal advisor for the annual Israel Security Conference and holds several teaching positions in his field.​

Mr. Novotny also served with a combat unit of the Israel Defense Forces and with the Israel National Police. He is currently an active IDF JAG reserves officer.

Joe Robinson

Reno Police Department
Reno, Nevada, USA

Tourism oriented policing and protective services

Lt. Robinson along with Dr. Peter E. Tarlow with this 2-day certification program. Together, they will lay the groundwork for security and tourism industry professionals to explore innovative research on new methods and strategies for ensuring the security and safety of tourists within their destination. Through this course, participating law enforcement personnel may be inspired to take an active role in aiding the economic development of their city. The course will focus on such topics as visitor protection, cultural tourism and security services.

​Lieutenant Joe Robinson is a 17 year veteran of the Reno Police Department.  His father worked for the Reno Police Department for over 30 years and retired as the Deputy Chief of the Reno Police Department which is the same rank his older brother currently holds. ​​

During the course of his career, Robinson has worked several assignments including Patrol, SWAT, Street Crimes, Robbery/Homicide, Traffic and Special Events.

​Special Events was where Robinson found his niche and developed a passion for Tourism Oriented Policing.  Robinson not only changed the way officers deployed during Special Events, but he also changed the style in which they deployed from an enforcement model to a tourism-oriented model.  The City of Reno and the Reno Police Department experienced great success during the over 200 Special Events the City of Reno plays host to every year as a result of his changes.​

In 2015, Robinson was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and was immediately asked to re-brand the Downtown Enforcement Team and create a full-time Tourism Oriented Policing Unit.  In October 2016, the Reno Police Department deployed it’s first full-time Tourism Oriented Policing Unit called the Downtown Walking Team.

Conference Coordinator
& Speaker

Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Tourism & More, Inc.
College Station, Texas (USA)

Celebrating over a quarter century of tourism safety and security

Looking forward to new challenges in tourism security,  Dr. Peter Tarlow will look at some of the new trends in tourism security and safety and how they differ from the past. He will allow tourism practitioners and specialists to plan for the future and to avoid errors of the past.  The section will also provide an overview of the state of tourism in the world, what places are considered to be safe and which tourism locales have to face new or ongoing challenges.​​

Dr. Peter E. Tarlow is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in the impact of crime and terrorism in the tourism industry, event and tourism risk management, and economic development.  Since 1990, Tarlow has been teaching courses on tourism, crime and terrorism to police forces and security and tourism professionals throughout the world.

Tarlow earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Texas A&M University.  He also holds degrees in History, Spanish and Hebrew Literature, and Psychotherapy.  In 1996, Tarlow became Hoover Dam's consultant for tourism development and security.  In 1998, Tarlow's role at the Bureau of Reclamation expanded.  He was asked to develop a tourism security program for all Bureau of Reclamation properties and visitor's centers.  In 1999, United States Customs Service asked Tarlow to work with its agents in the area of customer service, cultural awareness, and custom's impact within the tourism and visitor industry.  

In 2000, Tarlow, due to inter-agency cooperation on the part of the Bureau of Reclamation, helped to prepare security and FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  He also lectured for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.  Tarlow has worked with police departments from the state of Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup Games and 2016 Olympic Games.

Tarlow is a founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. (T&M).  He is a past president of the Texas Chapter of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA).  Tarlow is a member of the International Editorial Boards of "Turizam" published in Zagreb, Croatia, "Anatolia: International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research," published in Turkey, "Turismo: Visão e Ação" published in Brazil, and "Estudios y Perspectivas en Turismo," published in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Master of Ceremonies

Stacey Escalante
Founder & CEO

Escalante MediaManagement, LLC.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Stacey Escalante is the founder and CEO of Escalante Media Management, a boutique public relations firm.  She also consults for corporations by supplementing their public relations divisions, assisting with media training and emceeing special events.  Escalante’s former and current client list includes MGM Resorts International, Dignity Health (St. Rose Hospitals), Valley Electric Association, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Safe Nest, Desert Perinatal Associates, Troy Watson M.D. (Desert Orthopaedic Center), Real Results Fitness, Downtown Runners, and Facebook for Parents author, Linda Fogg Phillips. She is on the planning committee for the MGM Resorts International Women’s Leadership Conference.

Stacey graduated from UCLA.  She spent over two decades in broadcast journalism. She spent 10 years as a reporter at KVBC-TV (NBC Las Vegas) and has lived in Southern Nevada since 1997.

As a Stage 3 melanoma survivor, Stacey is on a mission to save lives by educating others about skin cancer. She’s on the Board of Directors for the Nevada Cancer Coalition.  She travels to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN). She volunteers as media chair for ACSCAN.  When the Nevada Legislature is in session she promotes the importance of keeping cancer in the spotlight. In 2013, her testimony was pivotal in passing Senate Bill 267 which prohibits anyone under 18 from using tanning beds.​

In July 2014, she was invited by the U.S. Acting Surgeon General to participate in a call to action focused on skin cancer prevention and education.  Stacey shared her survivor story at The National Press Club and her story was featured on NBC Nightly News, on NBC affiliates around the country, on the Associated Press wire and in hundreds of newspapers across the United States from Alaska to Florida, and in both Europe and Asia.

An inspired speaker and author, Stacey’s passion and informed perspective make her a sought-after lecturer on health and wellness, oncology from a patient’s viewpoint, and prevention and education at medical conferences.  She also teaches breakout sessions on how to develop relationships with the media and delivering a clear message.

Stacey believes her most important job is raising her two kids. Stacey loves to run. She has completed seven marathons and several RAGNAR road and trail relays.

Conference Coordinator

Ray Suppe

International Tourism Safety Association
and Vice President of Customer Safety,
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Raymond P. Suppe is the vice president of customer safety for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). He is responsible for the safety and security of the 3.2 million square foot Las Vegas Convention Center and its sister venue, Cashman Center, consisting of 100,000 square feet of exhibit space and a 9,200-seat outdoor sports stadium.

He joined Security of the LVCVA in October 1992, held various staff and management positions within the department, and was promoted to Director of Security in 2005 and Senior Director of Security in 2014. Suppe oversees the operating functions and professional conduct and training programs for over 200 employees within Customer Safety’s three sections of Security, Traffic and Fire Prevention. He is also responsible for one sub-section – Safety.

Suppe serves as the liaison between the LVCVA and related public agencies such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, FBI, Clark County Fire Department, and Department of Homeland Security.

Prior to joining the LVCVA, Suppe served in the United States Army. His current affiliations include President of the International Tourism Safety Association, Executive Board Secretary for the Las Vegas Security Chiefs’ Association, and member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM).

The LVCVA is charged with marketing Southern Nevada as a tourism and convention destination worldwide, and also with operating the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. With approximately 150,255 hotel rooms in Las Vegas alone and nearly 11 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space citywide, the LVCVA's mission centers on attracting ever-increasing numbers of leisure and business visitors to the area.

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